City Flame | 5 March 2024 13:51 CET

James Brown Reveals Issues With Spiritual Attacks

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Obialor James best known as James Brown has disclosed his recent struggle with spiritual attacks.

The crossdresser took to his Instagram handle to disclose his issue. He revealed that he has been struggling with spiritual attacks and he had to go to his village to pray in Imo state.

He further shared how he gets faced by attacks whenever he was celebrating something. He also shared how he got attacked during his birthday in February.

He shared pictures of his wounded leg and also used the issue with his TikTok account as an evidence of his attacks.

James Brown also shared how he was told by his father to go his village to pray. He showed a video in which he was seen praying in the forest against spiritual attacks.

The crossdresser explained that he went to the village for prayers on the instructions of his father. He also shared his struggle with strange dreams and seeing strange people including Bobrisky in his dreams.

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