City Flame | 30 January 2024 15:01 CET

Pope Francis Believes African Bishops Stance On Same-Sex Marriage Will Soon Change

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Catholic leader, Pope Francis Believes that those who have criticized his stance on blessing Same-Sex marriage would soon understand, though Africans and Nigerian’s are different.

Pope Francis, while speaking to La Stampa, an Italian newspaper on Monday, January 29 said that Africans had a strong stance of resistance towards same-sex marriage and homosexuality at large. He tagged the reason for Africans stance to be as a result of ‘cultural background. ‘

He said; ”Those who protest vehemently belong to small ideological groups. A special case are Africans: for them, homosexuality is something bad from a cultural point of view. They don’t tolerate it."

The Catholic and Christian leader believes that everyone would soon be convinced by the spirit of the ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ declaration, he stated that the goal was to agree and not to cause division.

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