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I'm in pain, I pray all bruises clear - Bobrisky Cries Amidst Surgery Success

By Agboola Ibrahim

Bobrisky, the self-acclaimed mummy of Lagos has come out to groan about the pain emerging from the success of her recent Brazilian But Lift BBL.

Bobrisky who announced to his followers the success of his BBL surgery via his Instagram on Saturday, July 8 2023 has come out to cry about the intensity of the pain she is currently going through.

In her post on Saturday, she expressed utmost joy for having a successful surgery. Speaking about his surgery he wrote “Done and dusted'

In a recent development, the story about her surgery seems to have taken another form as he groans and moans painfully. It is yet to be discovered whether his groan is as a result of complications from the surgery.

"Hello guys I'm in Pain
I pray all my bruises clear” – Bobrisky exposes his body following a successful BBL

Recall that before now, Bobrisky had envisaged the pain she might likely experience after the surgery.

On June 3, 2023, Bobrisky informed his followers on Instagram about his preparation to have another round of Liposuction. He expressed fear about his arrangements to have a liposuction. He feared that the surgery would cause her serious pain, unlike the previous one.

His post read:
“Why do I feel my next liposuction is going be extremely more y painful? I’m taking fat from my back, tummy, thighs, and hand to put all in as* and hips. Your mummy of Lagos is gonna be in pain.

Remember, I have done my body before, so my next one will make me look so curvy. Is just d pain that I’m scared of. My last experience was disgusting I was in pain for more than 1months with some complications. Lastly with malaria

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