Hot Issues | 16 June 2023 18:17 CET

Woman Confesses: I Have Sold 5 Of My Kids And 30 of Other Persons'

By Agboola Ibrahim

A woman is already shaking social media with controversies over her confession in the church about selling little children.

A video trending on social media captured a scenery in the church and it was during a confession session.

In the video, a woman who hailed from Awka, Eastern region of Nigeria, came out to denounce Child selling, drug trafficking and other dirty businesses. She claimed that she want to accept Jesus Christ completely.

During the confession session, the woman confessed the immoral businesses she has done in the past. In her revelation, she mentioned that she had sold over 32 kids all her life: she sold 5 out of her 6 children and 30 of other people's children.

According to her, for every child she sold she made 500 thousand and she did not have knowledge of what happened to the children she sold afterwards.

She confessed that she captured little kids by promising to buy them biscuits, sweet and several other kids stuff.

"I come from Awka, I'm here to denounce baby sellers and drug dealers from me to give my life totally to Christ. I stay at were prostitution people use to stat. At a point I had six children and have sell 5... I captured little kids by buying them bobo, sweet, biscuits..." She said

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