Hot Issues | 5 June 2023 15:41 CET

JoeBoy Spews: I'm Going To Be Arrogant Now 

By Agboola Ibrahim

Joeboy, one of the greatest contemporary Nigerian Afrobeat singers has amazed many fans as he resented his humility.

The singer made this known in a recent podcast show ‘Body & Soul’. In the podcast he resolved that he would begin to wear new attitude because his humility downsized his worth in the entertainment industry.

Singer Joeboy gave a shocking response when he was asked what he would have done differently. According to him, he would be arrogant and would make his achievement more louder.

The ‘Baby’ crooner stated that at times, he contemplates being more vocal about his musical accomplishments, as his composed conduct often leads people to overlook his achievements.

In his word,
“What could I have done different? I would say, be more arrogant [laughs]. Because you people don’t have respect. When you are always calm they go just feel like say you are not that guy or something. It’s crazy, but it is what it is.

“I felt I should have been more loud about my achievements because, to be honest, una no reach. But it is what it is. We grow and we learn. That’s one thing I wish I had done then; which I’m going to do now.”

Joeboy’s claim in the interview had since sparked mixed reactions from netizens. Some berated him for being unnecessarily loud lately while others agreed with his perspective.

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