Hot Issues | 23 January 2015 21:51 CET

My Late Mother Warned Me Against Dumping My Marriage--Movie Star, Toyin Adewale

Bereaved Nollywood actress, Toyin Adewale, has disclosed that she will always miss her mother for the candid advises she offers to her at time of distress.

According to the actress, anytime she had challenges in her marriage, her mum would advise her to stay in her home rather than wanting to opt out of the marriage.

She explained that her mother once told her that even in her death, she finds out that she has left her matrimonial home; she would wake up from the grave and chase her back to her husband.

In her words, “Anytime I had challenges with my marriage and I told her, she used to advise me to stay put in my matrimonial home. She once said that she would wake up from her grave and drive me back to my matrimonial home if I attempt to leave my marriage.”

Toyin lost her mother who was aged 94 to a brief illness and will soon be buried anytime soon.

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