General News | 27 May 2023 09:41 CET

"Our Relationship Began As Hook-Up Partners"

By Agboola Ibrahim

A lady has lit a fascinating moment in the social media space when she disclosed how her relationship with her husband began.

A lady identified as Holeyajoke has disclosed to her followers via Twitter how crazy she began with her husband.

According to Holeyajoke, her relationship has now graduated to being a complete marriage that began as casual fornication. She and her husband were hook-up partners. They were in a relationship to serve their sexual urge.

According to her, they were friends from the University and they parted ways temporarily during National Youth Service Corps.

They reunited "hook-up" in December during their service only to have sexual intercourse. After the exercise, they parted ways again temporarily.

Surprisingly, the story change from a hook-up to a marital affair. They got engaged and finally got married.

The story that they began as hook-up partners has not only raised eyeballs but also weird questions.

Her post read:
" I get to know my husband through a Detty December hook-up,... we were course mates back in uni, and after NYSC we decided to hook up and funk and part ways ... but here we are"

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