General News | 27 May 2023 09:41 CET

"That I'm Owing Murphy Afolabi Is False" Aduni Ade Clears The Air About Her Deal With Murphy

By Agboola Ibrahim

A Popular Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade has eventually spoken on a matter regarding her long time resolved business with the late actor, Murphy Afolabi.

Aduni has in a public statement refuted the claim that she was indebted to the deceased. The claim revealed that she owed the late actor Murphy Afolabi the sum of N250K.

Her refutation is coming shorty after the news of she owing the late actor hit the net.

Recall earlier today, a video of the Late Murphy Afolabi Fidau’s prayer hits the internet where a Muslim cleric, Al Fulani claimed that Actress Aduni Ade owed Murphy the sum of 250k before his eventual death.

Today May 23 Aduni released a statement highlighting how the business between her and her late colleague came about and how it was resolved.

The statement noted that she received the sum of #250 thousand from Murphy who requested her to feature in his project. Unfortunately, an unprecedented tragedy befell her that she could not discharge her service to Murphy. She noted that she was unable to feature in the movie because she lost her brother and had to go to the U.S.A.

Upon returning to Nigeria in September 2021, Adunni Ade said Murphy contacted her for another movie where she will act as a lead role for the N150K earlier paid for 4 days, and by extension, she declined, then requested his account number and forwarded the money.

Adunni Ade in the official statement wrote;
"MAY THE SOUL OF MURPHY AFOLABI REST IN PEACE [A Public Statement by Adunni Ade to Set the Record Straight]

On behalf of popular Nollywood Actor and Content Creator, the unassuming Adunni Adewale, aka Adunni Ade, we write to set the record straight regarding a video making the rounds in which our Client was called out by a Muslim Cleric with claims of her owing the late Actor/Producer, Mr. Murphy Afolabi. The allegation is false. First, in the words of Adunni Ade: “This isn’t the time for anyone to slander others or say things that will impinge negatively on the memory of a man I treated with honour and respect. Let us all respect the dead. I never cheated him in his lifetime nor would I ever cheat him or anyone in the after life. May his soul rest in peace.”

Our firm hereby states for the record [in the words of Adunni Ade]: “Sometimes in July 2021, the late Mr. Murphy Afolabi reached out to me, requiring my services for a movie production. He appealed to me stating that it was a self-funded production and that he couldn’t afford my professional fee, but that he would need my moral support. I asked how many scenes and duration were expected of me on set. He said 10 scenes and that I would spend one day. He offered to ‘fuel my car’ as an honorarium, which payment was made on 02 July 2021 for N150,000. “Unfortunately, on 11 July 2021 shortly before the commencement of the

production, I lost my younger brother. I contacted Mr. Murphy Afolabi a few days afterward to request his bank account details, to send him a refund, as I would be travelling to the United States for my younger brother’s funeral, and to spend

time with the rest of my family. He insisted I held on to the money while he figured out whether to move the shoot forward or contact me for another one.

“I returned to Lagos end of September 2021 and waited for his call. Mr. Murphy Afolabi contacted me on 08 October 2021 and said he wanted to start a new job soon and needed me for 4 days, playing the lead but for the same amount of N150,000 which he had paid in July. I respectfully declined, requested his bank account details, and transferred to his bank account the full refund of N150,000 on the same day 08 October 2021. Proof of both payments is attached in this post.”

We thank all those who have been sending solidarity messages to Adunni Ade.”

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