General News | 21 May 2023 20:34 CET

"He Will Not Be Able To Deliver" Spyro Speaks On Why Portable Is Not Worthy To Sing With

By Agboola Ibrahim

Spyro, an Up-an-coming Nigerian artiste has cleared the air on the reasons he will never collaborate with his senior colleague, Portable.

In a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos, Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, a Nigerian singer widely recognized as Spyro, responded to the question on why he would not drop a chorus for Portable.

Recall that The Nigerian Voice reported how Portable threatened to deal with Spyro because he declined his request to collaborate with him.

Portable took to his Instagram to spew all sorts of maligning remarks on Spyro because of his stance.

Moreover, while speaking firmly on why be will never collaborate with Portable, Spyro remarked fearlessly that Portable will not deliver fantastically to the kind of verse he will give him.

In a supporting statement, Spyro cited that Portable's style of music and his do not align, therefore singing with him will amount to a waste of time.

The show host, Do2tun threw the question at the fast-rising singer, “Who’s that artiste you can’t do music with?”

His words read partly:
“Not because I have an issue with him but because our paths just don’t cross. Our kind of music don’t align. He won’t be able to deliver the kind of music I will write for him because it’s not its style,” he said.

When asked if he thinks Portable is a good singer, Spyro stated, “I think Portable is good. It’s intentional when people do the type of music.

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