Hot Issues | 2 May 2023 07:09 CET

BBN Star, Doyin Gives Reason She Does Not Have A Problem With A Cheating Partner

By Agboola Ibrahim

Doyinsola David, a former contestant on BBNaija, known as Doyin, recently discussed her stance on having a partner who cheats on her on her podcast, Doyin's Corner, in an episode titled 'What Women Need in a Relationship to be Happy'.

She expressed that having a cheating partner is not necessarily a deal-breaker for her as long as certain conditions are met. Doyin explained that loyalty does not always equate to faithfulness and that a partner can still love her while cheating.

She shared that she prefers a realistic approach to relationships and would want her partner to be honest about his intentions, such as telling her if he is going to be away for an extended period and may not be faithful during that time.

She said, "My partner can love me but still cheat on me. But I don’t think that because he has cheated, he doesn’t love me. For me, my definition of loyalty is not, don’t cheat me.

“I’m just trying to be realistic in my relationship. For me, I will say I want a partner that he will tell me, babe, I’m travelling for six months, I can not promise you that I will be loyal for six months.”

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