Hot Issues | 26 April 2023 17:37 CET

Ini Edo Breaks Silence As She's Linked To Empress Njamah's Ex-Lover Who Leaked Her Nude

By Agboola Ibrahim

Nollywood actress Ini Edo has been embroiled in a scandal involving Jack Davies, a notorious scammer and former lover of her industry colleague Empress Njamah. Davies, who was recently arrested by Liberian police, is accused of targeting wealthy women, entering into romantic relationships with them, and swindling them of their fortunes. Reports have surfaced that intimate videos of about nine other female celebrities were found on his phone.

Amidst these allegations, Instagram blogger Gistlover has accused Ini Edo of having a relationship with Davies, claiming to have evidence in the form of a video call between the two and a snapshot of her passport found on his phone. This accusation has sparked widespread attention and criticism towards the actress.

In response, Ini Edo has come forward to share her side of the story. She claims that Davies contacted her months ago, pretending to be producing a movie and requesting her participation. However, she alleges that she ended all communication with him after he began making advances towards a romantic relationship.

The actress also denies ever meeting Davies, and claims that the passport photograph found on his phone was sent to him when he asked to meet and offered to book her flight. Regarding the recorded video call, she asserts that it was an unsolicited call that she picked up to tell Davies to switch to audio and not call her on video.

The scandal has caused a stir in the Nigerian entertainment industry, with many people criticising Ini Edo for her alleged involvement with Davies. However, some have come to her defence, stating that she may have been a victim of his scams as well. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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