Hot Issues | 10 March 2023 17:47 CET

Brutes Stab Portable On The Head, Neck, Arm And Other Vital Parts

By Agboola Ibrahim

Terrible tragedy has befallen Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable because he went into a physical fight with groups that assaulted his sister.

Portable shared a video on social media telling the public about the crisis he was involved in that consequently led to the injuries he sustained. His sister as well has been hospitalized after suffering serious attack from brutes.

This is coming few days after Portable shared loved-up video with his wife, Ewatomi Omobewaji while in Gambia.

More so, according to Portable, the brutes were his long time friends. Many of them have received tangible help many times from him. He recall how he single-handedly sponsored the naming ceremony of one of them, how he established them and how he bought a motorcycle without requesting a return.

He felt betrayed. He was stabbed on the head, arm and other vital parts. Despite all that he did to help them, yet they launched attack on him and his sister.

However, Portable noted that they are jealous of his grace because he bought some houses in the trenches and he noted that he won’t give up and won’t allow them to ruin his life.

His words read:
"the more you grow, run for people. De no want your success. You see de don chook me ooo. Na my niggae chook me. I know wetin e chook me o o. we don gather de sone time back in days. BBasedon says I make am and I still help. ... De kon attack me beat my sister. You beat my sister no be say you don beat me. De guy wey nak me here, I buy am okada. I never collect am, e still being hand. , No be me de day fight and my sister..."

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