Hot Issues | 2 December 2016 13:50 CET

Actress, Victoria Inyama Reveals Why Some Men Don’t Have Emotions

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, has been able to find out the possible reason behind the bad attitude of some men in the society to their women.

According to the actress, some of these men who carryout various domestic violence on their wives do that because they did not get loved by their mothers.

She pointed accusing fingers on mothers stating that they have the role to play because it is whatever they give out that the male child will grow with.

Sharing her thoughts, she wrote, “Do you show your sons love? Like loving them & showing them genuine sincere love. I feel that most men that don't have emotions & are not sensitive is just because they don't know what love is. How can they give what they don't have?

“So please my fellow moms to boys that will grow to be men, give him night kisses, Pray with him, communicate & share secrets, Praise him, Remind him of how much he is loved, Encourage him to have emotions, Feelings & Compassion. He needs the strength to face challenges!!!!! Doing this will help reduce all this Violence Against Woman! Let's reduce further future Abuse Against Women. Let’s start today for the sake of our Daughters.”

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