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I Don’t Have friends in the industry Because of Jealousy…Singer, Solidstar

When it comes to award organizing, there will always be a big issue especially with the African organizers as this has been lingering for years and now, singer, Solidstar, has come to bear his mind.

Some artistes have come to speak out while some just keep silent and run the show the way they want. Solidstar gave various points which many if well studied will want to agree with him.

He even went to point out that there is no love and unity in the music industry because of the high rate of jealousy going on.

Read his view points below;
This is the same issues we have in our entertainment industry in Africa, the media have succeeded in blinding the fans from what is real, pure and good, from what real talent and good music is about. They hype their family and friends and ignore the ones that don't text them good morning everyday and form fake friendship with them. I am not about the life of faking or acting a friend in your face and do otherwise behind your back that is why I have little or no friends in the industry because even the artists are jealous of each other and they don't support real talents because they don't want to be exposed.

This is not directed at anybody or media house. It is a general issue that we all have to look into. Imagine an AWARD ceremony that calls itself credible, giving one artist an award and even made him make a video which was broadcasted on the screen at the award thanking them and later withdrawing the award to give to someone else. This shows the irregularities, partiality and mediocrity in the whole system.

An award organizers recently released a list and even though I was nominated I wasn't satisfied because the main category that would have meant a bit to me was missing on my nomination which is best raggae/dance hall. I can only pick one song out of the whole bunch that did a bit better than Wait refix ft Patoranking and Tiwa Savage for their year in view. No disrespect to any artist nominated or the organizers but some things are just so wrong.

A lot of talented artists have been ignored for so long that they even start doubting themselves. Even the Grammys which is also not 100 percent credible have their flaws but try as much as possible to recognize real talent. These African Award organizers bring together some bunch of unqualified music critics and what not to set up the nomination list and that's where the problem starts from and ends.

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