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At Last Asake Don Cast! Reactions As The Source Of Asake's Fame Is Revealed

By Agboola Ibrahim

Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter Ahmed Ololade, known professionally as Asake has got many people talking as his source of Fame is suspiciously perceived by Nigerians.

In a recent viral clip, Asake was spotted in a relatively small room surrounded by Muslim clerics; all in white garment and beads. The Clerics and his companions where vigorously raining Quranic verses on Asake's head as Asake himself humbly bowed to receive the fervent prayers.

The video has enormously generated wild controversies as many people are beginning to link Asake's fortune to closeness to God.

Although, it's important to recall that Asake surprised Nigerians with his musical prowess by giving them back-to-back hit song in 2022. His Album Mr Money was found spectacular and extraordinary by music lovers both abroad and local.

However, Asake sudden rise to fame has since 2022 been a concern or topic of discussion to many Nigerians as some people conceived different belief as per his source of fame.

However, a recent video involving Asake and verse clerics offering prayer in Quranic words is meant to aid his progress in the music industry. Several people are thus having a different angle to the source of Asake's rise to fame.

Reactions are below,
majormacanakey: Abeg who know this Alpa? I need book my own prayer session.

iam_degold: Can some drop the alfa details, I want see something 😂.

bigwealthzzz: Go listen to that Asake verse on Blessings you go know say oil dey that guy head❤️.

zainabmjaafar: Asake self get vibe n god come n help ham too, that is my own praying method too fa.

majormacanakey: Abeg who know this Alpa? I need book my own prayer session.

amlewis0808: No work hard oo believe only in prayer and seat at home . Oju e abo.

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