General News | 30 November 2022 12:29 CET

TG Omori Paints This Generation As Worthless: See More That Will Keep Your Mouth Open

By Agboola Ibrahim

Thank God Omori who is famously known as TG Omori and a 27 year old professional Nigerian filmmaker and Cinematographer has painted Nigerian generation as visionless and who are only concerned about material things and their physical appearances.

In his tweet today, he made reference to the previous generation as one that had good things in stuck, focused and productive.

He therefore castigated this generation as a contrary specimen of the previous generation; they lack vision and sense productivity but are only concerned about their physical look.

"They was a generation that aimed and achieved powers in all aspects of the nation, they created strong walls and brotherhood, they made being in position of power a thing of swag, they were ready to die for it. But This generation is just concern about skincare and pink lips.'

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