City Flame | 17 November 2022 13:41 CET

I only exist to snatch husbands, dump them afterwards — Bobrisky

By Isaac Donkor Distinguished

Controversial Nigerian transgender woman, Bobrisky, born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju has revealed another reason why he opted to be transformed into a female.

He posited that after getting the female features, the only thing she seeks is to snatch people’s husbands.

In a post on his Instagram handle, Bobrisky indicated that he will dumb every married man who will fall for his trap after he has slept with them.

“I have one purpose in life, ask me what it is? To snatch people husband, after using them I’m gonna dump them. See body now,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky recently made headlines after he made a very huge blasphemous statement against God.

The man, who, according to her, became a woman to survive economic hardships, claimed God denied him what he should have been.

He praised his doctors, to whom he paid huge sums of money to be transformed into a woman, for granting her desired wish.

"Thanks to my doctor once again, you gave me what my own creator didn't give me," he stated.

He further ridiculed women with flat buttocks, asking how they cope in life since, to him, every lady now depends on big buttocks for survival.

In her Snapchat story, the controversial LGBTQ+ personality claimed that his boyfriend touched her buttocks, which to him made him feel like a real [lady].

"Women that don't have yanshu, how do you cope?" My boyfriend spanked my ass yesterday, and damn I feel good. "Omo Yansh is LIFE," she wrote.

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