Celebrity Picks | 17 October 2022 16:56 CET

See Actress Nkechi Blessing Blunt Remarks To Critics

By Agboola Ibrahim

Actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday bluntly reacted to criticism from followers who hold her for posting her new man.

She reiterated how their opinions about her do not really matter to her provided she makes more money from posting whomever she wants. She said in a post on her social media,

"At 33 you think your opinion on how I should live my life matter ? You must be mad!!! If una like talk from now reach next year!!! You say I'm posting too much when my every post is reading$$$$ you de wine me ? Taa!!!

I wonder why some people still live in my past as I de drink better panadol for my own headache...na wah!!! "

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