Celebrity | 9 September 2022 20:22 CET

Donjazy’’s Funy Remarks To A Fan That Accused Him

By Agboola Ibrahim

Donjazy replied with a soft and mild tone to a fan that charged him in a relatively disrespectful manner owing to the account of the Headies award.

The fan who is identified as Michael charged Don jazzy for frowning through the Headies award night. This he tweeted on his wall.

"Sure DON
But why u frown face comot for this year Headies?"
In response to this charges Don jazzy replied
"Oga I no frown face. I no well and I wear face mask . How you take see frown. Besides na so me and @iamdbanj Dey play. Una too Dey worry"

Neki nnka:OMG!! I kept wondering why you were wearing mask o. I hope you are feeling better.

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