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Open Letter To My Fans, Followers, Political Allies, Supporters, Nigerians Home And Abroad  

Source: Saint lfeanyi NDUKWE JP, B. A(Hons),  B.Sc. (Hons.)
Saint lfeanyi NDUKWE

Saint lfeanyi NDUKWE

Re: I hereby throw my full support for the Presidential Candidate Of Labour Party, H.E. Peter Obi.

Shalom, as we embark on a historic journey of changing leadership narrative in Nigeria come 2023. It is my pleasure to write to you all this faithful day on this historic movement on the forthcoming elections.

I hereby through this open letter officially throw my full weight to the Presidential candidate of Labour Party H.E. Peter Obi.

History beckons on me to join my fellow youths on this adventurous tour for a better life for all citizenry. As a staunch believer of democracy and an intellectual of high repute l am fully convinced that the candidacy of H.E. Peter Obi is to my best knowledge, the most qualified candidate running for this presidential elections in 2023.

We must change the narrative no matter how hard it is on us if we are truely desiring for a better Nigeria.

I am a strong supporter of good governance regardless of party affiliations. I am taking this decision after wide consultations with my fans, political allies, supporters and leaders across Nigeria and diaspora. It becomes a duty on me and other progressive allies who wish Nigeria well to join me in the support of the candidacy of H.E. Peter Obi of Labour Party.

I want to state unequivocally herein this day that my current switch over and support to H.E. Peter Obi is not based on ethnic sentiments but on his capacity as a person and call on all statesmen to see his emergence and candidacy as a national movement to liberate Nigeria from mal-administration, mediocrity and injustice.

My reason for for joining politics is not based on personal gain but to serve humanity and impact to society.

Let's change Nigeria in 2023 with the candidacy of H.E. Peter Obi. On this note, I hereby join the national movement of making H.E. Peter Obi the President of Nigeria in 2023.

Long Live Nigeria youths
Long Live, Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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