Fashion | 13 July 2021 14:17 CET

The Future of color collection

By Modern Ghana

Fast rinsing womenswear fashion brand - Hertunba recently launched a whole new amazing collection tagged - The Future of Colour (TFOC).

According to the designer - Forentyna Agu ......."In my mind color is a language, a tool of expression and a means of communication.

I have always used colors to communicate my emotions and learn new things, this collection is an attempt to show the world my understanding of colors and how they make me feel.

I hope the greens and the yellows in this collection make the wearers and viewers feel the confidence I feel when I wear green

I hope the peaches and the blues make Hertunba women feel the beauty and calm I feel when I wear blue

I hope the colors in this collection inspires someone to give life another chance.

I hope the future of color is unapologetically bold and beautiful"........

Find below the individual description of each piece

1 - The Mo Ocean Suit - collarless double-breasted blazer made From wool blend damask fabric and crepe pants.

2 - The gilda trench mini x midi - Made from the finest print cotton fabric. This trench dress combines perfectly structured shoulders and an A line cut that showers the wearer with beauty and confidence. Available in mini and midi.

3 -Viola dress - A lounge dress made from Rich Silk satin fabric, comes in 3 outstanding colors; mint, burgundy and copper.

4 - Ami Art Dress - patterned with fine art prints, it is made from stretchy crepe fabric and a complimenting satin blue belt, This short, wrap dress is designed to accentuate it’s wearers form in the most beautiful way.

5 - Akweke Dress - Made from beautiful, hand woven Akwette fabric, this glamorous drafted peach colored dress beautified with Red and white patterns was made to flatter your curves and make you feel like Royalty. The fringe on the hand and bottom of the dress makes it even more outstanding.

6 - pearl Peach velvet dress - Made out of a fine combination of silk and rich velvet fabric. This figure hugging dress is designed to make the wearer look and feel like a goddess. The draw string design allows for beautiful and diversified styling .

7 - The Kilimanjaro peaches kimono - This silk satin robe is designed to make you look and feel comfortable yet regal. The peaches kimono can be worn to relax indoors or dressed up for a beautiful day or night out.

8 - Shudu Rainbow dress - A one shoulder sleeveless dress made from fine silk satin fabric, with a thigh high slit. This number can either be worn as a lounge dress or dressed up for a night out.

9 - The Oprah suit - This two piece single breasted suit comes with a matching pair of bootcut pants. The Oprah suit is made from rich silk damasc fabric. N-

10 - The Tamara sterling silver suit - Made from rich textured raw silk fabric the Tamara suit is

designed to accentuate your curves while maintaining the Hertunba powerwoman look. The blazer comes with a beautiful lace detail at the back that gives it a feminine touch. The pants are a pencil cut pair that make your legs look longer and give an elegant finish.

11 - The Ellen suit - Made from Uniquely striped silk damasc fabric this suit features a veil attached to the shoulder of the blazer with pencil fitted pants to match.

12 - Uwak jumpsuit -

Made from custom chiffon fabric, this beautiful turquoise jumpsuit features an accentuated waist line, crystal studded buttons and short sleeves.

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