Fashion | 2 October 2020 17:17 CET

The Lagos Shirt Factory debuts The Independence Collection

By Nollywood Gists

The Lagos shirt Factory's latest collection, is switched into full celebratory mode as Nigeria turns 60.

The new timeless , All White collection - come in classic but unusual white shirts cuts as well as sexy yet chic shirt dresses designs.

Although, spinning on the brief of the moment- Independence Day, each piece is a collector's item that transcends October 1st.

The hand painted Nigerian vehicle plate numbers as well as the currency signs, reflect some of our Nation's, symbols which speak of our resilience, tenacity, energy and drive which the Lagos Shirt Factory has interpreted with each fabric type, texture mix and stitch .

The shoot was done in collaboration with House to Home , who provides the indeginous crafted pieces for the set .

Model - Florence O
Photography - Insigna Media
Stylist- Joyce Omoerah
Props - House to Home
Pr - Morsi Pr

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