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FOX9JA Exposes The Truth About Nigerian Casinos

By Nollywood Gists

Have you ever wondered what the truth is about Nigerian casinos? A new website called FOX9JA decided to review them and has now released their report online detailing exactly what the casinos don't want you to know.

For example, it is true you cannot get a Merrybet free bet. Instead the Merrybet bonus is to give you 5% of your losses back each and every week. That said there is a secret way to get a Merrybet free bet. Simply play a little bit and then ask them in chat. That's the way to get the real Merrybet bonus.

FOX9JA decided that people had the right to know what is actually happening at Nigerian casinos. They have forged ties with experts who actually work at the casinos and got them to talk. They then combined what they heard with publicly available information to get a real picture of what is going on at Nigerian casinos.

Betking casino caters to the wealthy in Nigeria. That's why they will match your initial deposit up to 100,000 naira. Learning secrets like that will help you understand the truth about what's happening inside Nigerian casinos.

There is a saying that goes, “If it looks too good to be true it probably is.” FOX9JA looked into the various Nigerian casinos and found this to be true. They discovered rivers of money going through Nigerian casinos – including Merrybet. They wanted to know the origins of that money and what was being done with it. You'll be surprised at the secrets they dug up – and more aware when you do decide to place your bet.

Just take a look at Bet9Ja. They will only provide matching funds up to 1,000 naira. That's still better than Merrybet bonus, but not that great. And you'll have to play your money through 10 times before you can claim it. This is just one of the many secrets FOX9JA dug up when they took a really close look at Nigerian casinos.

FOX9JA was concerned about how many practices are going on that the public knows nothing about. They are curious about what the real purpose of these casinos is and how they get away with doing things the way they do. That's why they dug deep into this matter and found out the truth. Now for the first time they reveal everything on their website.

They discovered that Nairabet was right in the middle of the welcome bonus fight. Unlike Merrybet they actually have a welcome bonus. At Nairabet you only have to deposit 50 naira to get matching funds. Then they will match your funds up to 50,000 naira. If you lack the 100,000 naira that Betking looks for, that's a perfect deal for you.

FOX9JA was surprised at how hard it was to find out basic information like this. And they soon discovered that they were the only site looking into what was going on at Nigerian casinos. It was almost as if the casinos were purposely hiding this information. But by carefully wooing people inside the various Nigerian casinos they were able to find out the truths. Once they could see the full picture, they knew it was the time to publish on their site so that people could make their own decisions on where they wanted to bet – from an informed perspective.

When they started out FOX9JA thought they were just going to publish casino reviews. But the more they looked into Nigerian casinos the odder the numbers seemed. They decided to take an even closer look. By crunching the numbers, a fuller picture immerged. Then they put the numbers into graph format and could really see what was going on. By releasing these graphs, they hope to help out the average Nigerian betting enthusiast.

What the graphs show will shock you. There is one casino that brings in 20 times as much revenue as any other casino in Nigeria. Yet they paint a picture of themselves in advertising as a smaller local casino. When you look at its profit margins you begin to see a different picture and understand what is really going on.

FOX9JA took a close look at all the Nigerian casinos – not just Merrybet – with the idea that the average person should know what is happening with their money when they place a bet. A larger casino may feel safer with all that money behind them. But a smaller casino is more likely to invest in the local Nigerian community. People have the right to decide for themselves which casino they want to invest in.

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