AMEBO | 13 June 2011 08:41 CET

Disgrace Arabanbi 3rd Taye currency Deported from london.

By Bola Dauda

Arabanbi is a caucus name in the fuji house which has continue to dominate the fuji music industry.It has also throw the music house into different factions.

In arabanbi, k1 de ultimate occupying the 1st position, pasuma wonder in second position while adebisi stick to 3rd position. These family called arabanbi claimed to be the leaders among the fuji musicians,they paraded themselves as the only face of fuji music and ragarded as the most relevant fuji stars.

But recently, one of their group members, known as Taiwo Akande Adebisi popularly known Taye Currency drag the arabanbi image into the mod when he failed to secure a work permit visa in london in order to perform at a London concert.

The sensational fuji star taye currency left Nigeria shore to London where he was billed to perform but when he got to UK border, he was asked to step aside for proper investigation and interrogation. It was through this the immigration officer discovered that the fuji star had been coming to London on pretence of visit and has been working without paying tax.

After being alleged, he was immediately deported to Nigeria the next day Via Air France.

It was gathered that the ibadan base fuji crooner was set up by his ex-girl friend who he had promised to marry but he betrayed the
London base babe who plotted his deportation.

Another source had that Arabanbi 3rd had an unsettled conflict with a London promoter who promised that Taye currency will be ban from entry into London.

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