General News | 18 September 2018 10:26 CET

Naija Social Media Awards Sets to Reward Online Content Providers

Entertainment in Nigeria is no more the exclusive right of radio and TV. Today it is on the go. 24/7. One on One, Star & Fan. Content is far more informative, spontaneous, creative, competitive & interactive. Feedback is instant.

Welcome to the age of Social Media with over 20 million active Nigerian users. A few have taken it upon themselves to use it to inform & entertain Nigerians all over the world, every single day, without let up.

The time is now for accolades. To thank those who bring a little sunshine to us everyday. Emma Ugolee Entertainment & Achievers Entertainment present the first ever Nigerian Social Media Awards tittled: "The Naija Social Media Awards" (NSMA)

An annual event that would honor winners from 36 categories as polled from their personalities and activities on social media.

The NSMA covers the spectrum of Tweeter, IG, Facebook, Blogs & other entertainment sites.

While the nominated shall be selected by a respectable committee working with professional guidelines, the selection of winners would be strictly by fan votes.

Winners would be unveiled on a magical award night with your favorite comedy/movie & music online stars performing. "There is more to the NSMA awards" says the organizers: Emma Ugolee & Paul Ossy Cole, who have been working on building the concept for over a year: "We wanted an award ceremony that left every participant satisfied after the show. Voter, Nominee & Winner. No post event debates. So the NSMA is built on remarkable transparency & an unprecedented reward system where no nominee goes home empty handed & the voters get thrilled with surprises"

A sample of some of the 36 categories are the award for : * Best Entertainment news blog. * Best Comic in a supporting role * Best use of philanthropy * Best Fashion blog * Most inspiring personality * Best Comic with an alter ego * Best health advocate * Best dressed celebrity (male) * Most creative / intellectual Comedian * Social media Slay Queen

26 more categories, full nomination lists & the details on the When? Where? & How? coming soon. Brace yourselves as finally, your likes count.

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