General News | 15 August 2018 07:59 CET

Nollywood Actor, Henry Nwankwo Undergoes Successful Surgery After Bullet Wound

Nollywood actor, Henry Onyeka Nwankwo, has been given another hope to live and smile as friends rallied around to ensure his quick recovery.

He might not be popular in the eyes of many but in the sight of God, he is a treasure that will live to smile again.

The actor was struck with an unforeseen dilemma after he was hit by a gun shot on the spine. According to the actor, the incident took place in Jos plateau state.

In his words, “What a world, been laying like this for seven months now as a result of gun shot on the spine.... This incident took place in Jos plateau state. I was in a taxi when a soldier in a check shot the car and the bullet enter my back through the bot. I pray this will never happen to any of friends and family..... I can't walk and I can't sit.... But one thing is sure, GOD IS NOT man.”

His case might have not been pronounced because he is not popular but those in the know tried to ensure they get him back to his fit as the likes of Nollywood producer, Ikenna Best, donated a Wheel chair for him along with other people after a successful surgery.

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