In The Closet | 29 June 2018 07:42 CET

Prayer is not what we need in Nigeria…Actor, Ugezu J Ugezu Blasts

Nollywood actor cum producer, Ugezu .J. Ugezu, is one person who is not always scared of any government as he steps to the occasion to air his view about any maladministration.

The actor recently joined some Nigerians to mourn the loss of some of its citizens especially the lives lost in the tanker explosion which took place in Lagos.

Ugezu stated that with observation, when things go wrong in the country, everyone calls for prayers but that is not what the country needs rather a good structuring is what will work.

In his words, “The fact that some people already soaked in the waters of religion will readily take me to cleaners will never deter me from saying it exactly how it is. PRAYER IS NOT WHAT WE NEED IN NIGERIA. We need to create an environment that functions. We need to declare state of emergency on infrastructures, we need to restart the engine of Nigeria. Combustible liquids ought to be transported underground. Who says we can't fix this country? We have a near collapsed state where highly inflammable liquids are daily transported along all the major roads, the same time with other commuters.

“Are we claiming we never knew something will definitely go wrong one day??? How many more lives, innocent lives shall we lose in this country before these looters and clueless operators of government structures will task themselves and do the right things? Great nations are built on consistency in positivism, on plans and above all, ON PATRIOTISM. Great nations are not built on prayers. May the souls of the departed find eternal rest.”

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