Commics News | 28 June 2018 07:20 CET

I Give out Money to Help Others not Show off…Actor, Woli Arole

MC and Actor, Woli Arole, for some time now has been doing some form of giveaway on social media just to appreciate his fans but in between, there is something that annoys him.

The actor, in one of his posts recently expressed how angry he is seeing some of his friends and people sending him private messages begging him for money.

In his words, “Let me address this ISSUE tonight, I don't like it when people that are mine friends and people that are financially okay send me DM'S and text messages on whatsapp that I should DASH THEM MONEY. I feel it's wrong. I started this give away because I felt some people are in NEED and I count myself honoured by GOD to make them SMILE. I give out my hard earn money, people support me with their hard earned money too. So I am not DASHING, WASTING, or SHOWING OFF. I am just sent to put SMILES on PEOPLE'S FACES by meeting NEEDS. SO GIVE TO US NOT TAKE FROM US. Do you agree?”

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