Foreign | 25 June 2018 11:41 CET

Being a Mum, It will be Difficult to Kiss in Movies…Actress, Yvonne Nelson

Pretty Ghanaian actress and mother, Yvonne Nelson, has graced the big screen for some couple of years now and to a large extent, she has played a huge part in giving the Ghanaian movie industry a face.

The actress had some months welcomed a baby girl with her lover and this got many of her fans talking but choosing that part of life, she sure knows what she wants.

Even though eyes are on the lookout about her private life, the actress is all ready to control how she works so it does that have to affect both her family and her daughter.

Speaking with one of Ghana’s popular TV station, Joynewsontv, the actress, started that being a mother now, it will be very difficult for her to kiss in movies.

In her words, “Now I have a baby and I’m all she has pretty much, you can’t go on set and start being reckless. I am a very paranoid person so it will be difficult to kiss and do all of that now, it will be very hard. I think producers should also take their cast to the hospital and check them, different parts.”

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