Music News | 15 May 2018 11:56 CET

Singer, Davido never Bought Private, it's just Social Media Hype

Recently, Nigerians and the social media at large went on rampage over the sudden news of singer, Davido, acquiring his own private jet.

He got all the accolades considering the fact that he recently released a new single titled ‘Assurance,’ as he also bought his lover a brand new Porsche car.

Despite the news of his private jet, few Nigerians did not believe it considering the price of privet jet as many wondered how he was going to maintain it daily even when his millionaire father was yet to have one.

Well, the few who have argued it are actually right as Davido never bought any private jet and according to rumours going round, the singer had to go into partnership deal with a company that owns it so as to enable him go both local and international deals.

His partners have decided to stay silent while he takes all the accolades as it is a way of business strategy towards attracting investors to the singer.

Rumours further have it that the singer and his partners have agreed to share proceeds that comes in equally while he travels with the jet anytime he is having any event.

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