Sightings | 4 September 2017 15:30 CET

Singer, Duncan Mighty Finds Lost Wallet with Ward of Cash Inside

Port Harcourt base singer, Duncan Mighty, has just proven that he is a true Nigeria with character as he set to return lost money he found at his GRA area.

The singer display some ward of pounds which he claimed he found at his GRA area in a wallet that fell off from someone but going through it, there was no form of identification in it.

Duncan Mighty has therefore called on anyone who feels he is the owner to contact him and tell him the things that were inside the wallet to prove that he is the owner.

He stressed that it is not a joke because he once lost his iphone and it was found and given back to him and that is the spirit of a true Nigerian.

“I picked up a wallet containing pounds last night in GRA close my house around skippers fast food Port-Harcourt while going back home from an event.. there's no identity card on it but there's a RISSe bank credit card and a Hilton room card pls if this is yours kindly send me the name and color of the wallet and also the name written on white paper inside the wallet. This is no prank or joke I've lost my iPhone sometime ago and the person who picked it up returned the phone back to me. I am a Nigerian,” he wrote.

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