City Flame | 11 August 2017 10:28 CET

I’m Ashamed to Call myself a Nigerian…Actor, Junior Pope

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

There are lots of reasons some Nigerian celebrities will never want to fight any ill administration in Nigeria in form of protest because some Nigerians are never to be trusted.

Recently, singer, cum lawyer, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy, took to the street with some Nigerians who keyed into his vision of telling the present administration what they feel is the truth as they urged ailing President Muhammadu Buhari to resign and concentrate on his health.

The protest took a new turn recently as another group in support of the President took to the streets of Abuja with various placards showing solidarity for the President.

This has gotten some Nigerian celebrities angry at these actions with the likes of Nollywood actor, Pope Junior, stating that with such act, he is ashamed of calling himself a Nigeria.

In his words, “What a shame, at this point I shame to call myself a Nigerian.”

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