Spotlight | 10 August 2017 17:45 CET

Singer, Small Doctor Shows off the Okada Drove in Feeding his Family

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Small Doctor, has gotten every cause to be very thankful to God for bringing him this far in the music industry and still counting.

The singer’s grass top grace story is not an easy one considering the fact that at his tender age, he was already a father.

He struggled to ensure that he is able to put food on the table for his boys as he is blessed with two boys but what can a man do as he had to drive bike (okada) to survive.

Small Doctor, recently shared photo of his struggling days with the bike he drove just to make his family have food on the table.

“Behind Me Is The Bike That Feeds Myself And @iam_littledoctor Back Then... You Can Make It Bro... Be FOCUSED / Pray HARD / Never RELENT/ Work HARD,” he shared.

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