Spotlight | 15 December 2016 15:13 CET

Ladies Scramble to Have Charming Actor, Adedimeji Lateef as he Steps out in Suit

Handsome Nollywood actor, Adedimeji Lateef, has not just won hearts with his good looks but he has been able to melt hearts with his weeping ways in movies which to him comes just natural.

Well, not just wanting to entertain you with his various movie characters, the actor has come out to show that he also has good taste for fashion.

Although, he has not failed when it comes to fashion because he ensures that he dresses well, catching him on suit recently showed how cool he looks and can actually compete for Mr Nigeria if he feels like.

But on a more serious note, he looks cool in this suit, so ladies, he is still available in the market so don’t just admire the English speaking actors but give Adedimeji a trial and you will not regret it (laughs).

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