Foreign | 9 July 2017 11:32 CET

Movie Producer Descends Heavily on Local TV Stations

The executive producer of the popular TV series, Mama Taxi, Martin Aboagye has descended heavily on TV stations in Ghana saying, they are major contributors of the decline in filming in Ghana.

He indicated that the insatiable appetite of local TV stations for foreign programmes and telenovelas is an indictment on Ghanaians saying; "it clearly shows that we are incapable of entertaining ourselves as a nation".

He however calls on TV viewers to boycott such programmes because it is an imaginary slavery and a calculated act of undermining what we can do as Ghanaians to develop our country and the filming industry.

"What is the need if we destroy the very foundation we are building for our future generation for your parochial interest? Rome was not built in a day. All these countries our local TV stations are glorifying their movies did not achieve what they have on a silver platter; it took the support and sacrifices of the entire stakeholders in their respective countries to reach where they are now, So how a key stakeholder like TV stations cannot do same for the betterment of our own? Can someone also tell me if the TV stations collaborate with local producers and promote our works the way they are doing it foreign productions whether we will fail.

One unfortunate development is how these local companies who are making millions of profit in Ghana are rather sponsoring foreign programmes which put monies in the pocket of these foreign producers who have never bought their products or paid tax for the Government to use it to undertake developmental programmes.

I believe that the nation will wake up one day to appreciate how some TV stations bought our conscience with some pseudo productions which had no reflection on ourculture or heritage but twisted in a way because of their own financial gains."

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