Nollywood On Fire | 13 May 2017 11:59 CET

Pirates Steps on Wrong Foot, as Death Sentence Awaits them for Pirating Lancelot Imasuen Movie ‘ATM’

Prolific Nollywood producer, Lancelot Imasuen, has just laid a heavy curse on those that have been killing the industry for a long time and that is pirates.

Lancelot was so filled with bitterness recently after he discovered that his yet to be released movie, ‘ATM,’ has been pirate.

He called on the relevant bodies to take note that he has not officially released the movie which is already being sold in the market.

“The tears on my eyes as write this piece cannot be compared to the pains and bitterness I carry right now inside of my heart. The crass inhumanity of these flesh eaters called pirates graves my soul so deep.

“That I pronounce death, pains and anguish upon them and their entire generations yet unborn. They may have survived others.. But with my sweat and blood I curse their root... I stand on God 's word to declare that no man will eat my labour and sweat and have rest.

“Pirates of Nigerian films pain has become a major part of your dwelling and in ruin shall be your end.. My film ‘ATM’ has been pirated!!! please don't buy from those boys on the road and traffic hold up. i am officially releasing the original copies soon.. Please I am counting on your love and support.”

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