Celebrity Picks | 1 March 2017 14:36 CET

Actress, Mercy Johnson Storms Daughter’s School for her Teacher (photos)

Not every parent tends to appreciate the works put at educating a child in the school as most parents either complain or nag without knowing the energy put to train up their wards in school.

For Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, she knows that without the help of the teacher in school, she alone will not be able to train her children.

Recently, the actress decided to stop by her daughter’s school just to show appreciation to the teacher on how she has taken time to help train her daughter, Purity, who is all grown now.

The actress event went to disclose that the teacher happens to be her woman crush for the week for playing a vital role in the lives of her kids.

“ ikpons you are my wcw for this week. Thanks a bunch for the things you do for our kids. I respect you in totality and love u muchos. keep dabbing jor. You are an example to every mom. Thank you

Good Morning Friends so much fun at my daughter’s school,” she wrote.

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