Nollywood Exclusive | 1 November 2016 21:24 CET

Actress, Angela Okorie Shares Sexy Bedroom Photos

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has developed that thick skin for any blast that comes her way and she has the right to reply or ignore.

The actress gave many of her fans what to feed on after she shared a raunchy photo of herself waking up looking frosh in the new month and she felt it is worth showing off to the world.

Trust her fans will always have things to say and few of them came around to display their talents while she was also being criticized.

ezzddeens: What happen to your breast?
oluchingwutao: are you a soldier? You are always serious... Lol. But it's beautiful though

officialsexyivy: I will advise you to take this picture out of social media Young lady. Angela Okorie

officlalosaspeter: Mum what is going wet you.
pablitoosiadi: Why sister, you don pass this level oooo

zlow_winnzyU almost showed your boobs but nice picture anyway

cynthekoh: But you are not happy to wish us happy new month, your face looks like something is wrong.

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