Celebrity Picks | 26 October 2016 14:42 CET

“Whether It Is Tiwa Savage Or Yemi Alade, I Am Ready To Take On Any Girl On Stage“ Says Kasi, The June 12 Girl

By Tops Limited Nigeria

She is talented, bold and beautiful. Her name is KASI. Everyone who has heard or seen her says that KASI is hot, roaring hot and ready for the big radio and television networks, ready for our homes and our parties and ready for the biggest concert stage in the land.

In her own words, vivacious KASI says “I love most of Nigeria’s frontline female singers. I have followed their careers closely. I give kudos to all of them who have made it because I know how tough it can be for a woman. I doff my hat for them: Chidinma, Sheyi Shay, Omawunmi and others. But believe me, I have worked hard, very hard and I am ready… very ready. I am ready to take on any girl on stage, song for song, voice for voice, show for show. I really don’t care if it is Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade or anyone else… KASI is ready to take on any girl on stage”.

KASI is a child of destiny born on Nigeria’s historic democracy day: June 12, 1993. The multi-talented June 12 girl is a complete artiste: a hot songwriter, a very hot singer, a soaring performer, a unique fashion stylist who can draw, paint and create different fashion accessories and products with leather, beads, metals, etc.

Very soon, Nigerians will be welcomed into the scintillating world of KASI, the multi-talented June 12 girl who can write songs like no other, sing like no other, dance like no other, draw like no other and create fashion like no other.

A well-known music industry producer who has seen the ever smiling KASI at close quarters says “KASI is a bomb waiting to explode and when she explodes, all the girls in the music industry must go back to the drawing board because KASI is set to rewrite the rules”

KASI is one of the very exciting new cakes being baked in the TOPS oven. TOPS is the hot music production, publishing, distribution and events company, owned by the perfectionist former PMAN President and COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji. Says Okoroji, “I am 100% confident that KASI will rock the world and TOPS is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the June 12 girl, the first lady of TOPS, gets a roll out like no other.”

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