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Uncovering The Notable Capacity Impact Of Alex Mascot Ikwechegh, Nigeria Politician, Businessman And Philanthropist

By Nollywood Gists

In the history books of Nigeria, which happens to be the giant of Africa, the people of Abia State and the Aba community may have been privileged to produce the first ever youngest politically elected Chairman of a Local Government Area in Nigeria at 28years. The reverberation from the extensive and countless achievements of the Abia State born Alex Mascot Ikwechegh cannot be underemphasized.

The young and vibrant politician, bussinessman, philanthropist and impact-maker, Alex Mascot Ikwechegh, is currently the Chief Executive Officer of GrossField Group, a conglomerate agency that majors in international trade, construction, real estate, property development, oil and gas. The GrossField Group presently homes GrossField Construction LTD, GrossField Energy and GrossField Merchants LTD which are operational across several states in Nigeria, including Abuja, Lagos and Abia State.

As a Philanthropist and Humanitarian, Alex Mascot Ikwechegh has continue to spearhead several campaigns to support humanity and leverage underprivileged persons. Some of his humanitarian activities includes, donations through his Scholarship Scheme, which was established to give underprivileged students in Abia State access to quality education, which has benefited over 250 indigent students in Abia State.

His foundation, Alex Ikwechegh Foundation has carried out several educational support programs and outreaches that has provided relief materials to victims of social, artificial and natural disasters in Nigeria. The Alex Ikwechegh Foundation has also spearheaded medical outreaches, which cuts across offsetting of hospital bills for citizens, visitations and several donations to various homes for motherless babies in Abia state. He has also supported the empowerment of youths in the state, which includes promotion of Aba-made products through mass purchase and donation of Aba-made products during outreaches and programs within and across Abia State.

Other supports by Alex Mascot Ikwechegh also includes his continuous donation of books, sandals, bags, exercise books to schools in several Local Government Areas of Abia State and the recent distribution of free petrol and kersene to Abia state residents, few months ago to mark his birthday.

Haven been described as a perfect blend of inherited riches and self-acquired fortune, with an Inventive and dogged attitude, his development mindset has yet remained unequivocally mounted on progressive engagements for impacts and sustainability for the people of Abia state. Little wonder he was listed among top 50 Most Influential Igbo People In Nigeria alongside Arthur Eze, Elumelu, Adichie, Peter Obi, Chimamda Adichie, Others. Until now, the people of Abia State and youths across Nigeria are beckoning on him to consider returning to politics leadership, stressing that he is a perfect replica of the leaders needed today in Nigeria.

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