Relationships | 17 September 2016 15:13 CET

8 Things Ladies Do That Men Simply DO NOT Understand


Ladies: Sometimes, you say and do things that men just do NOT understand, and this can make our relationships REALLY freaking complicated. To make things easier for men, it would really, REALLY help to straight up TELL them what you’re thinking. But until then, here’s a few things that men just don’t get about women:

1. “It's Fine”
No, no it's not “fine.” Any time a woman says it's “fine,” it's a warning sign that a man is doing something very, very wrong.

Why say it's “fine” when it's REALLY not? Can someone explain this? LOL

2. Why do you wear such uncomfortable shoes? (Seriously.)

Your limping and bruised ankles beg to differ when you say “they are comfy, I swear!” There is NO way that those 6-inch stilettos are “comfy.” You're basically walking on popsicle sticks.

3. Why is your purse a black hole?
Phone, keys, wallet. That's the mantra for a man leaving his house. Why is there an entire ecosystem living in your purse? You have snacks, makeup, an assortment of old candy, but WHY?

4. Why does bathroom time = a group field trip?
Can you not do it by yourself? Like, really, what DO women do in there? If a guy goes to the bathroom, he's on a mission and nothing will distract him until his objective is complete. For women, it seems like there’s more to the story…

5. Why does chocolate fix EVERYTHING?
“I'm mad.” Chocolate chips. “I'm sad.” Chocolate ice cream. “I'm happy!” Chocolate cake. Why does chocolate seem to be the go-to cure all for basically every situation?

6. Why do you ask opinion if you don't want it?
If you ask, men're going to tell you. If you don't want them to tell you, why ask? Why do you ask how you look in something if you don't want to hear the answer? This gets REALLY confusing. LMAO!

7. Food: If you want it, GET IT.
If you're hungry, why did you order a Greek salad with a side of ranch? If you want food, order it.

8. Why do you expect us to be mind readers?
Men're not mind readers. When ladies say, “well you should have known,” men say, “but why didn't you tell us?”

Men and women communicate very differently, but why is it that women expect men to just “know?” To make things easier, please, PLEASE just talk.

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