Nollywood Media | 13 July 2016 22:00 CET

Waconzy Slammed For Saying He Bought Polaris Slingshot


The praise that Waconzy may have craved for when he shared his latest toy, a new Polaris Slingshot that he was spotted with in Washington DC, didn't go as planned because some Nigerians are calling him fake and a liar for claiming he bought it.

Waconzy said "My ability to afford this toy don't make me rich .what makes me rich is the fact that I got JESUS.  "

But he got slammed  'ALL LIES! SO this is what you naija celebs lie about when u come here ehn. Which time u buy this car and can u tell me where? Make una no dey believe this people oo' Another added  'Is sure it's his own? That guy is the fakest artist I have ever seen. Part two of this car story is coming where we will discover that the car isn't his. Never knew he's wealthy, like seriously, how? Fake Life Style'

Polaris Slingshot  is a three-wheeled moto roadster  that draws from the company's experience with both off-road ATVs and on-road motorcycles to create something unique: a high-performance two-seater that starts at $20,000 and corners like a Ferrari.  Legally, the Slingshot is deemed a motorcycle and operators need a motorcycle license. But for anyone behind the wheel, it's clear that it is much, much more.

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