Celebrity | 20 June 2016 22:09 CET

My Acting Career Can’t Suffer Because of Music… Jennifer Eliogu


Nollywood actress, Jennifer Eliogu, is doing well for herself since picking up music as another avenue of exploration as she is not ready to let go the new talent she has been nursing.

With few singles to her credit, the actress recently speaking withNollywoodgists.com, stated that she so much thank God that she has been able to draw lines between her music and acting.

She explained that nothing is going to take her attention away from acting and since she is not always on set, that gives her the opportunity of running around the studio to create some good songs.

Hoping to get rewarded at every opportunity that comes with music, the actress added that she will gladly welcome awards when it comes to her but that does not mean she is doing music for awards but passion which also gives her joy.

In her words, “it will not be possible for you to see more music than movies because I have so many movies and in recent times, I have shot a lot more but the thing is I have given 19 years of my life to movies and now it's been 4 years that I have been doing music and I am giving time to music. It doesn't mean that one have to suffer for the other. I have been doing both of them together and I have manage to get by.

“I'm not on location everyday, so if I have a music video shoot or my band needs to perform somewhere I mean it's just a matter of planning. I don't want to give more focus to one than the other but the truth is, I'm giving music a whole lot more attention, I mean I'm established in movies and you can't take that away. People think I need to prove myself , I don't see it that I need to prove myself but I actually need to do what I want to do, so I'm giving music a whole lot of time and attention.”

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