Beauty | 18 June 2016 09:15 CET

My Body Is The Temple Of God--MBGN Unoaku Anyadike


Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Unoaku Anyadike doesn't work out like most female celebrities who want to keep shape. She doesn't see a reason to do so yet. Thanks to her slim body frame that she is very comfortable with. She will not be caught wearing revealing clothes because she strongly believes that her body is the temple of God.

Unoaku doesn't bleach “I have never at any point thought I should be fairer than the way God created me. I don't think it is a good trend for people to follow. Who says you are not beautiful the way you were created? Who says you must be fair to be beautiful? It is not a good thing to bleach at all.

She has always been on the slim side “When I was in primary school, I was very skinny. I remember my parents used to complain to me then that I seldom ate. Every day, they counted my ribs for me and whenever I ate, they told me that one rib had disappeared. I have always been a skinny person. When I was going to the boarding house, my parents were very scared because they thought I would not eat. They asked me to promise them that I would eat and not starve myself. It was not intentional; it is just that I am not a big fan of food. I eat only when I am hungry.”
She said “I don't work out at all and it is because I have not had a reason to do so yet. I would at some point anyway. I wanted to start about a week ago but different things came up and I forgot about it. I will at some point because I have the tendency to go big.

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