Hot Issues | 4 June 2016 11:15 CET

Some Men Use my Raunchy Pictures to Please Themselves in The Room…Anita Joseph

Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has created lots of buzz with her oranges and she has not escaped the various criticisms that is attached with such pictures she shares around.

Well endowed, parts of her asset which keeps attracting men to her has always been has always been her oranges and her backside but to her, she is just having fun with her life.

She recently released a breath taking photo that incurred the wrath of many and had friends and foes unapologetically bash her on the Internet but in her opinion, some people are just pretenders.

Anita alleged that some men use her pictures to please themselves in their room but come in public to condemn her while bragging that her oranges are still strong and beautiful.

In her words, “I just joined Instagram in April and I have been very active. I am aware that a picture I posted that showed my cleavage attracted a lot of attention. Some Nigerians are hypocrites and pretenders. A lot of them used that picture to masturbate and feel good, yet condemn it. The last time I checked, my boobs are still strong and beautiful.''

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