Nollywood Glamour | 30 January 2009 21:11 CET

Shoes that define you

It is often said that people who respect the importance of footwear are the most successful, because they understand the value of working their way up from the bottom. Leather has always been the most popular material for constructing shoes, as it allows the air to circulate while providing maximal protection from the elements. Hence you'll never have to wear anything else but the finest leather is pictured here are good shoes made of Italian leather. The Navy Nubuck white sole boat shoes come with rubber heel and sole. The Black Matt and Polished leather combined . With the Black Matt and shiny derby shoes here, you can express your true appreciation of style
Suede is another great material in shoe making. Suede is produced by buffing the flesh side of a tanned animal hide and the result is velvet like surface on one side of the leather. Suede became more prominent in the 20th century which is lucky because it means you can now buy this stylish brown Suede Full Brogue pictured here.
In spite of the fact that black shoes are commonly known as the dressier of two shoe colours, nothing can top the elegantly antiqued look of these Conker Brown Oxford Semi-Brogues.

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