AMEBO | 26 May 2016 11:00 CET

My Happiness Is Not What You See - Di’Ja


Mavin artist Di'Ja is living her life to fullest. After her rumoured secret marriage early this year, she is still ready to pull my stunts. This time we are not sure what she is warming up to achieve. The lady who went all red gave a shout out to all the people who have been supporting her

She says "I love my life...Grateful for all my blessings. D.I.D.I.S... In it like... warming up!" she also added “My true happiness isn't what you see on the outside. It is what I hold dearest on the inside. Happy girl, happy family”

Di'Ja chose a V neck red jumpsuit and white converse styled with a collar bone neck-piece and dark sunglasses for her warming up pictures. Don Jazzy has really being a good manager to her. She once revealed “…when Don Jazzy walks in I would be like a little disturbed and he would encourage me to be crazy, be free and be myself, he would say be stupid, it is actually trying to be stupid you find your smartest moment. Because it is during that moment of been stupid you would realize something that would pay off. I think Music comes with a form of madness. You just have to be free, crazy, stupid and yourself. Don't try to please everyone, please yourself even if it takes you to be crazy.”

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