Hot Issues | 6 May 2016 11:15 CET

I Haven’t Even Dated Him For A Year- Moet Abebe Puts Marriage Talk on Hold


Soundcity VJ, Moet Abebe,is not a lady to be intimidated. The talk of marriage is really getting on her nerves and she is not going to allow people put her in the misery way. Recently, she had shared a picture of herself and boyfriend which caused some fans to ask her when the wedding bell will ring.

She revealed that she feels that women are pressurized into marriage so quick just like it happened to her years back. She said that she finds it very interesting how people are quick to say “ooo make sure he marries you, he looks like an agbero (a yummy one may I add lol), stop making things “public” lol…. I need to really understand how me posting pics with my man doing something adventurous or exciting (where btw I look nice in ) is me making things public … I take a photo… I like… I post.”

She added that making things public would be her putting out details of her relationship “You don't need to know or have no clue about, not just pictures…. Ya'll take this too seriously… I haven't even dated him for a year yet but a few rodents and leeches think it's the time to be asking me when I will marry… Well if ya'll actually allow me to enjoy my relationship and understand that before marriage is the dating process then wedding bells shall be heard…"

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