Sightings | 15 April 2016 12:23 CET

Ace Comedian, Ali Baba awaits God’s Revelation

Source: Hope Efoghe/

The height of desperation many people display is quite laughable. Seeking help from celebrities is quite rampant among fans, but the height some take it to, is quite funny.

Recently, a fan got the number of ace comedian, Ali Baba from a source best known to her. The lady however, decided to chart with him through a mobile messaging platform to seek for financial help.

The comedian however inquired how she got his number, and he was surprised when she told him she got it in a vision while fellow-shipping with God, and she went on to request for his help to secure an accommodation.

In a vision? Yes you heard it right; probably the Holy Spirit gave it to her. The comedian however replied her saying he would also wait for God to reveal what he should do to help her as well.

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