General News | 5 April 2016 01:52 CET

OAP Freeze Defends Ese Walter Decision, Attacks Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo


Days back, Ese Walter announced to the world that she was forsaking religion and God, her maker. A lot of people hit her left and right, not that the lady cares anyway of what anyone got to say about her belief. However, two men that have not lifted stones to kill her are her father and then OAP Daddy Freeze, who is blaming the pastor who abused her.

It in 2013 that hell broke loss when Ese confessed her alleged affair with the senior pastor of the Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo. Freeze who is not too excited with how things have gone wrong in the churches says;

“I read with pain in my heart the story that Ese nee Walter who happens to be a close friend's wife, has stopped believing in GOD. And I cannot but cast my mind to her ordeal in the hands of a so called man of God! Her husband gave me his version of the story. I had worked with him for ten years and I have never known him to cook up tales. After being abused by a so called man of God, Ese initially lost her trust and now her faith. And then Nigeria blames her, calling her all sorts of names!

What about the man who led her astray? I saw him at the airport the other day he was dressed from head to toe in monogrammed Gucci and Louis Vouitton...The damage these pastors are doing to the mindset of Africans is appalling! My LORD has a message for them in the book of Jeremiah!And I am also using this medium to warn them as the wrath of GOD is upon them that lead his flock astray!”

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